Svakom | Nymph (Pink)

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Let the sweet gentle fingertips of Nymph cross your skin, it vibrates, circulates, stimulates your most sensitive parts. Bringing with it waves of stimulation to pleasure you.

- Caressing the nipple
- Stimulating the clitoris
- Massaging balanus
- Teasing the testis
- g-spot.

Round Head Vibration
Nymph also has a soft and flexible rounded head with a strong built-in vibration motor. The soft, rounded silicone head allows for exploration within the vagina as well as external stimulation.

Designed For Couples
Rechargeable Battery
Nymph provides 1.5 hours of continuous pleasure after a full charge of only 40 minutes.
Environmentally Friendly silicone.

- Size: 156*40.5mm
- Weight: 124g
- Vibrating Modes: 5
- Intensities: 5
- Grasping mode: 3